About Inkwell Journal

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Editor's Note:

Welcome to the online home of Inkwell Journal. We are a print journal of literature and art, with a Web presence to broaden our reach. It is the mission of Inkwell to continue doing what our name suggests: Print with ink, on paper, because we believe in the power of books as objects. The beauty of books, too.

We believe that MFA programs like ours at Manhattanville College have a responsibility to provide opportunities for new writers to get published, and finding new voices we admire is part of our mission. Above all, we hope to uphold the highest literary standards in a world that sometimes, lately, does not seem to have much time or care of integrity. We dig integrity. 

What we want from you is your best effort, whether your are a reader or a writer or, hopefully, both. By contributing to Inkwell or reading the journal, you become part of our literary conversation. It is a long conversation that we want to keep going, and so we continue to provide this platform to launch careers, inspire writers, and delight readers.